I am a turkey. My name is Ben.
I like to play with my friends. I live in the woods. One night when I was
asleep, when I woke up in I wasn’t in the woods I was in somebody’s house I was
wondering how I got here then I remembered Thanksgiving was tomorrow. They must
have taken me when I was in the woods sleeping. It’s chilly in here. I’m in a
freezer. I am so cold. I hit the door so it would open.

   Thump I hear
something. It must be the people who took me from the woods. Thump. I hear the
noise again better hide. Look around I can’t find nowhere to hide. Found
somewhere I jump into a big box. There is a lot of room inside here. Few! The
noises just go past in out of the door. Okay I got to make a plan so I can live
tomorrow. My plan is to sneak out at night then run away back into the woods. I
wonder if any of my friends been captured by anybody else.

  I hear the
person who took me voice. He said “Eddie will you help me fix up my house
because I’m throwing a big thanksgiving feast” Ok Tom said Eddie.” Eddie and Tom
I thought. I jumped out of the box and ran to the window to see what they look
like. Tom is a guy wearing a black shirt and dark  blue pants. Eddie was guy
with a red shirt and black pants.

  It wasn’t night time, but I decided
to sneak out since Tom was gone. So I opened the door. Then ran down stairs,
when I opened the door in went outside. I shut the door. Then Tom came in his
car. So I tried to run back in the house, but the door was locked. So I ran down
the block then Tom started following me. “I told him stop chasing me!” All he
heard is gobble, gobble, and gobble. So he had no idea what I said. Finally Tom
ran out of breath and stopped chasing me. My leg hurt I knew the woods was way
too far.

  So I decided to stop and take a rest. I sat down trying not
to go to sleep, but I winded up falling to sleep. When I woke up I was in an
oven. Turns out it was just a dream. So I started walking to the woods it took a
while, but I made it to the woods. I’m just glad I wasn’t thanksgiving dinner.   

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