The zookeeper falls to sleep on a quiet night. Suddenly a monster that could fly swooped down and grabbed the monkey. It took it to a hole and put it inside so the monkey couldn't escape. Then the monster goes back for more animals. Meanwhile at the zoo the zookeeper set up a trap. When the monster got there he reached for the tiger then got shocked, then tripped over a rope and fell hard to the ground. The zookeeper called the police and they took it to jail. The zookeeper rode the super fast tiger to the monkey and brought the monkey back. 
Carey, Chris. surprisecolor0003.jpg. 1995. Pics4Learning. 14 Jun 2013

Steven Hales (Team 100 WC)
06/16/2013 10:39am

Pretty scary, Dorian! Try add some more describing words (adjectives) to create even more visual! :)


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