When got to the dinosaur field station. It was hot. When we got out
the bust the ground had lots of rocks, but we started walking the ground
just had dirt. We walked to the show and their was a fan
in there. One person song a song. Then someone was dress like
a T-Rex. It had sound affects that made the noise of a real T-Rex. When we
left the show we followed are guide. Are guide  was Mr. Murphy. It was real
hot and we walked almost the hole time we was there. We went a fan twice so
people could cool off. Water came out of the fan. When went to lunch I ate a
school lunch and I brought a dino dog (Hot dog). After we ate we went
to the gift shop. I brought a egg that you put in water for
3 days and a fake dinosaur will come out. After the gift shop we got on the bus
and went back to school.

Facts we learned are the brachiosaurs never existed. It
was the wrong head on the wrong body. Another fact is a T-Rex has
about 300 teeth and there teeth is the same size as a banana. Another fact is
that we lived closer to the T-Rex then what a T-Rex lived to
the triceratops. Another fact is herbivores had flat teeth because
it is good for eating plants. 

What do you think about the dinosaur field station after reading my blog post

Kolk, Melinda. banningdino1.jpg. 2002-Feb. Pics4Learning. 5 Jun 2013

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