This blog is about are trip liberty science center. It was really fun there.
Some communicable diseases learned in the train ride are Malaria, HIV, influenza, tuberculosis You could get Malaria if you get lots of mosquito bites. You can get influenza if you have an infection in your nose, ear and lungs and it can spread easily. HIV cause aids.
We went to the infection connection lab and we were like scientist and we found out which one was sick and which ones were healthy. First we put 5 drops in the positive, the negative, sample 1 2 and 3. Another five drops and the same ones. Then we put 1 bead in the positive, negative, and sample 1 2 and 3 Then the positive and sample 2 turned a different color which meant it was sick and the negative and sample 1 and 3  stayed the same color which meant it was healthy.
The message of the movie Sammy Escape is don't pollute the water because in the movie they had to take the turtles and bring it to clean water to keep them alive, but they wouldn't have do it if they kept the water clean. The animals that are their don't like it their either.
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