These are my favorite educational games.
1.Sumdog, can help you get better at math 
2. coolmathgames because it challenges you. So you
have think.
3. Funbrain You could do math or read books or
comics on funbrain.
4. knowledgeadventure
  It is challenging.
5. Digtalpassport is fun and could help you not
bully anyone.
6. Softschool It can help you get better grades for
your subjects and it goes from pre-k to middle school.
7. Brainpop
can help you with social studies.
8. Learning games for kids it can help you get
better at science.
9. Adaptedmind
can help you get way better at math.
10. ixl
could make you an math expert.

What is you favorite online educational game and why?


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