1. One thing that I am glad that cost less then a dollar is hot fries from the corner. I also like the glazed donuts that cost  75 cents. The hot fries are good and spicy. I like spicy things. The next time you go to the corner store buy hot fries.
2. Another thing that I like is balloons .You could play keep the ball in the air. You could have water balloon fights. Balloons are fun until they pop.
3. Another thing is water. I drink water everyday. Water is very healthy. My grandma only drinks water and tea. I like water a lot.
4. Another thing is Hi-c juices. My favorite Hi-c juice is orange. I also like the flashin fruit punch. The Hi-c juice is delicious. If you never tried them you should try one.
5. Another thing is gum. I like to buy gum for mom. My mom blows bubbles with the gum.
6. Another thing is chips. My favorite chips are the purple bag of Doritos. My second favorite is salt and vinegar.  The purple bag of Doritos taste really good.
7. Another thing is apps on the I pad. My favorite game on the Ipad is subway surfer. Subway surfer is a very fun game. You should really try it. Right now my high score right now is 125424. 
8. Another thing is batteries. I put batteries in my Wii remote and my Xbox remote. I like to use batteries for the things that I like that need batteries.
9. Another thing is hot dogs from the hot dog stand. The hot dogs from the hot dog stand is delicious. It smells so good to me. Hot dogs are my favorite food.
10. My last thing is cookie and cupcakes from Monteleone's bakery. There cookies and cupcakes are delicious. Every time we go there I would usually get cookies and my mom would order cupcakes. My family likes them. I get 3 cookies every time we go there. There cookies are the best. I really think you would like there bakery. You would most likely come back for more!  

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