I like Stephen's 10 favorite paragraphs. It tells you a lot about him. It is
a very interesting post. For example he said his favorite book is captain
underpants because it very funny. Here is Stephen's blog post. I liked that blog challenge
because you could write about what you like.

I like Davie's blog "What Can You Do With A Sock Full Of Holes". It is very Creative. For Example when he said" I could use it to hide disgusting food I don't want to eat at dinner". Here is Davie's blog. I like that blog challenge because
you could think of a lot of creative ways to use a sock with holes.

I like my blog post 10 people you want to interview. There was good
questions. For example I said to Barack Obama " How dose it feel to be the first
African-American president. Here is my blog. I like that blog challenge because you
got to ask anyone a question like if you wanted to meet someone. You could of
asked them a question in your blog.

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