Why Kids Shouldn’t Have an Allowance

Do you believe kids should have allowance? I believe that kids shouldn’t get
an allowance. Some of my reason for this is kids don’t spend their money wisely,
some parents don’t have a lot of money, and kids should do things to be

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I feel kids don’t spend money wisely because they don’t know how important
having can be. Most kids just buy stuff like video games, toys, and expensive
clothes. Kids buy things they don’t really need.

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Some parents don’t have a lot of money. So if they give it to their kids to
foolishly take away from the bills. . Your parents have to pay bills so you can
have a place to live, have food, and a phone for an emergency.

Kids should be helpful. You should do your chores, so your house stays clean.
When you go to the store you should carry bags without getting paid for it. You
should want to help your parents to make their jobs a little
easier.          When your parents
do things for you they don’t charge us. So we shouldn’t charge them. Instead of
taking money from them to buy things we don’t really need, we should learn to
help out more. Most of the time our parents give us things is for the holidays

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