Do you know 10 people you would want to interview? There are so many people I
like to interview, because they made a difference in the world. It is kind of
hard to narrow it down to 10 but I will do my best.

1 George Washington How did it feel to be in a war?

2 Abraham Lincoln What made you decide to end slavery?

3 Micheal Jordon What made you a successful basketball player?

4Lebron James Why don’t want to participate in the slam dunk contest?

5 Barack Obama How does it feel to be the first african-american

6 Jackie Robinson Was you surprise to be the first african-american to make
it to the baseball league?

7 Thugood Marshall Did you think you would ever be part of the surpreme

8 Rosa Parks How did it feel not to give up your seat?

9 Ross Lynch Did you always want to become a singer?

10 John Cena How much money can you make by being a wrestler?


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