Dear Martin Luther King Jr
Martin Luther King Jr you need to help gain
rights for black americans. It seems that all of Black people are losing all
there rights. I will give you examples in this letter. Don’t you think it isn’t
right that white people get more rights than what bblack people do. Even though
everyone is born the same way.
It isn’t fair that black people can’t be
friends with white people. Everyone is born the same way. So everyone should be
treated the same way. Everyone should have the same rights. White people and
black people should be able to be friends. Black people shouldn’t be treated
better than white people either though.
I was kicked out of my favorite food
restaurant before because they would no longer serve black people I would be
really mad because it is not fair they just stopped serving black people in just
serve white people. It wouldn’t be fair because all people should be born with
the same rights. Everyone is born the same. So no one should be treated
It wouldn’t be fair if I had to give up my seat everyday last
week because if I had no food at home and had to keep on giving up my seat on
the bus and never got food at home. I would die. While otherv people eat there
food at home. Luckliy i had enough food at home, but it wasn’t fair to other
black americans that didn’t get food and died.
It isn’t fair that black
people has to work hard for their owners even though they don’t want to, but if
they don’t their owners might do something to them and they can’t do anything
about it. Black people shouldn’t have to do something that they don’t want to do
and get punished for not doing it. Martin Luther Kingb Jr you need to do
somethig about
Dorian Davis

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