I went outside look at the sky. There were birds coming back from the sun. As the
sun came out I started to walked to school. I saw lots of small dogs. People were
planting flowers. Flowers starting to growing. People playing
outside. People enjoying their day. People leaving for
early vacation. Kids racing to school. Parents staying home. No work
for parents. The sun shined bright. People with no coats. Trees with green
leaves. Kids riding their bikes. Some friends are talking and some friends are
playing. There weren’t a lot of kids. Today’s the last day of school .
 What do you think will happen on the last day of school
Dickey, Sam. sdakotasunset.jpg. October 31, 2011. Pics4Learning. 4 Jun 2013

Mrs. Vilas
06/01/2013 6:33pm

No image and question at the end for your readers.

Carol Team100WC
06/03/2013 6:05am

Hello, I really enjoyed this! I love the way you have used a series of short sentences, each one with a tiny detail but when put together, they form a lovely picture in the reader's head! Well done :)


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